There is another country, neither lost nor legendary but mostly unknown, whose existence I wish to impress upon you. It is not underwater; rather, it hovers just a few meters above the Mediterranean Sea. This country is Epistolia.

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The Summary

In 1957, a Greek archeologist finds a 3000-year-old Agean artifact revealing the story of a young man named Eos, who along three rivers (the Being and its two tributaries, the Sly and the Wise), meets eleven unusual individuals revealing their grasps of the world. Conversing with them, Eos learns how their beliefs and desires had an impact on the lives of others and… on the environment. This philosophical novella tells about love, the power of imagination and… the invisible.

“Here is a similar rendering of Eos from his remnants. I represent him here as he begins his journey on the shores of the Being. On the horizon lies the edge of the Great Promontory as I know it and as Eos probably saw it for the first time.” (The Narrator)


“The Little Prince” meets “Avatar” in the Library at Alexandria.”

(R. D., Vancouver, BC, Canada)

” I read… I was seduced… I sailed…

I imagined…”

(M.V.C., Ottawa, Canada)

99 pages on paper...

© icscis for Walk the Arts, 2023  ISBN 978-0-9865093-9-1, Eos from Epistolia, translated from French (Éos d’Épistolie) by Yves M. Larocque

6,50 onces | 6,25 x 8,75 x ,25 inches
185 grams | 16 x 22 x 1,1 cm


The Narrator, a wannabe-aviator-turned-archeologist

Eos, our Hero

Evans, the Adventurer

The Great Vizu, the Oracle

The Hoarder … of things

“No-No, the Scaredy-Cat

The Great Clock Watcher, a man overtaken by time.

The Juggler

The Keeper of Secrets, who heals

The Unknown One, who reveals a secret

The Old Couple, saying that we never die

The Aphrodite of the Wise, on the importance of art

The Lady of the Stars

“Highly imaginative and philosophical—I did not expect the latter and quite liked this unanticipated turn. Although, there was a lot to unpack with each unusual individual that Eos encountered on his quest, the creativity in which they were presented, and the delivery of their wisdom was both clever and engaging. The Keeper of Secrets is my favourite.”

(Crystal Fletcher, author of Beauty Beneath the Banyan, ON Canada)

The Theme Song

by Yves M. Laroque| | "Melody for Eos" |A simple melody written in Dorian mode to leave room for the interpretation of the 22 parts of the text. F. Handel's Sarabande inspired me somewhat. Only simplicity.

Illustrated by the author

“But the camera had been broken by my fall, so I had no choice but to use my notebooks and pencils for the few diagrams and sketches I include here to illustrate this story; I regret having to leave my watercolors as drafts.” (the Narrator, p.8)




Of distant Mediterranean origin, Yves M. Larocque is a professor of art history, painter, critic, and blogger. He received his doctorate from the Sorbonne (Paris). For over thirty years he has been teaching art, art history, and art theory on a freelance basis. His students come from all over the world. While he has written countless pages on art and delivered papers on three continents, it is only very recently that he has devoted himself to literature, including here his third writing Eos from Epistolia, the second being Let Go The Artist Way of Cooking (with Mónica Márquez) and the first, Première Fois under the pseudonym Sevy Euqcoral. Today, Yves spends his present between Italy, Canada, France, and Colombia.

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